How to “Get Rid” of a Criminal Record

You were arrested and a lawyer got you a good result on your case, but every time you apply for a job, apartment or anything that requires a background check, that old arrest keeps coming back, (even if your case was dismissed!) That’s because the law requires you to actually file a lawsuit and sue the government if you want your “record cleared.”

There are actually two ways this can happen if you are eligible: expunction and non-disclosure. Expunction is great! If your case/record is eligible for expunction, you can actually get a court order to have ALL of the records destroyed and you can “legally say” you were never arrested for that crime. A non-disclosure proceeding is the next best thing, where the court orders “the records sealed” in your case. Of course, law enforcement and various government entities still can see the records, but they are removed from “view” by the general public.

If you were arrested and want to see about getting rid of that “criminal record,” please call me to discuss the options available to you. It can typically take 3-4 months to complete this process, so call today for a free consultation.