Lisa Harding was born in Waco, Texas and grew up in Southeast Texas. She became an Austinite in 1987 upon attending the University of Texas at Austin for her undergraduate degree in Government. She then lived in San Antonio while attending law school at St. Mary’s University School of Law. After graduating with a doctorate degree in jurisprudence in 1995, Ms. Harding practiced law in San Antonio for several years before returning to Austin to continue her law practice here.

The Law Office of Lisa Harding, P.C. was created two years into Ms. Harding’s law practice with a focus on helping individuals and small businesses with a wide variety of matters, including criminal defense and civil litigation. From 2001 to 2005, Ms. Harding was local Texas counsel for a national firm representing and defending a Texas corporation that had been sued in over 84,000 cases in Texas and more than 250,000 cases nationwide.  This afforded Ms. Harding a unique opportunity to practice law across the State of Texas in a wide variety of courtrooms and before many Texas judges. This intensive defense litigation was the basis for bringing new ideas and courtroom techniques to the practice of criminal defense and to Ms. Harding’s practice as a criminal defense attorney and jury consultant to other attorneys and firms. These courtroom techniques have been instrumental in winning difficult criminal cases.

Today Ms. Harding’s practice is exclusively devoted to the practice of criminal defense with a focus on driving while intoxicated (DWI) cases. She also continues to try cases as a jury consultant and trial consultant for other attorneys.

Legal Background

♦ Licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas
♦ Member of the State Bar of Texas
♦ Member of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
♦ Member of the Austin Bar Association & Criminal Law section
♦ Member of the Texas Hispanic Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

Legal Education

♦ St. Mary’s University School of Law
♦ Juris Doctor (May ’95)
♦ Member of the Order of Barristers

Undergraduate Education

♦ University of Texas @ Austin (B.A. 1990)