Heads up! APD announced a DWI/DUI “No Refusal” Weekend for this Labor Day weekend.

Heads up! APD announced a DWI/DUI “No Refusal” Weekend for this Labor Day weekend according to news sources. It begins Friday, August 30th at 9:00 p.m. and ends Tuesday, September 3rd at 5:00 a.m. That means if you are stopped while driving and have been drinking alcohol, they are probably going to arrest you, take you in and get a warrant for your blood if you refuse the breath test.  Should you refuse a breath test? I advise my clients, “Yes,” because there are numerous problems with those machines and you should not participate in giving law enforcement evidence to be used against you. Are they going to take your blood? Probably. They usually have a magistrate judge waiting nearby to sign a warrant. This process can be disputed legally later, but they will still take your blood for testing. Having seen that needle, you would want to be REALLY drunk if they stick you with it. It’s really big.

Bottom line: don’t drink and drive this weekend. Use a designated, non-drinking driver or call a cab. There are some great cab apps for cell phones, like “Hail A Cab” for Yellow Cab for iPhone. They show you that a cab is on the way, track its  progress with GPS and can even calculate your estimated fare.

We all agree that you should never get drunk and get behind the wheel. However, responsible drinkers can still be arrested. If you are arrested for DWI/DUI, give us a call. We offer jail release services to our clients in addition to representation on their cases. 512-477-7327